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This question has to do with developing Visualforce pages for the Salesforce Mobile application. 


Is it possible to refer to the data set that is on a user's mobile device via a Visualforce page/Apex Controller? 


Similarly, is it possible to link to a Salesforce Mobile record detail page from a Visualforce page?  For example, if I have a list of records in a Visualforce page that is brought up using a mobile tab, can I have one of those records link to the mobile record detail page (i.e., the standard, out of the box mobile page layout/record detail)?


For those of you who haven't tried, just trying to address a record detail with the base url + the record ID doesn't work -- it brings up the Salesforce online version. 


I also know that it's possible to create a formula field link in a mobile record detail page that points to a Visualforce page, but I haven't seen any documentation that says you can go the other way around. 


I'd like to do this so I don't have to program my own record detail page.