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Using the send email option to send emails from activity history related list is creating a record in task. But the workflow on task is not firing for these activities. can any body please advice.


THanks in adance.


I am looking for help on achieving this scenario:


I have a field called position and it has a picklist of 6 choices of names

I have a field called chances and it has a picklist of 6 choices of numbers


I want to have the field chances change to a different number designated every time the field position changes.



When the field picklist for position changes to Named, the field for chances automatically changes to 70.


Thank you,




I need to update a picklist field based on the result of a formula field.

My exact requirement is like this: I use a custom object for Bug Tracking based on the Estimated Time taken for resolution I categorize them as L1,L2,L3.

Now I want to use this formula result to update my picklist field. If I don't manually enter the Category value too the formula field will give the correct category which should be updated in the category picklist.


please help.


Is there a way to populate a multiselect pick list via workflow rules.  If it was a text field I would be able to say if record type = x then populate field with y.


If not does anyone know an alternative method of accomplishing the same thing.