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hello - has anyone attempted to create 3 tab option for Rich Text Field layout?? and added spell check button???


identical to what we have in our Discussion Board, but dont have in ideasexchange forum or question/answer forum (e.g. salesforce.com ideas app)



sorry cannot work out how to drag drop image into this post, which out getting the "too big message"???





  • June 13, 2012
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has anyone played with dummying an IMAGE to add a RED VERTICAL line

when you make the field required thru dependency in valiation rules?


i searched and could not find anything.

so as i am new, so wondering possible, or don't go there.



  • June 13, 2012
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Hello, has anyone worked out how to strip/grab the metadata from a PDF and create a record in SF?


use-case is create an article from reading the pdf itself.



  • June 07, 2012
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has anyone seen a simple matrix table/ GRID table layout (sorta cheatsheet Quick Reference Card style) of all the fancy features in the "clicks" / declarative logic arena by standard objects.  I keep unfortunately stumbling on... oh.. that is not possible with x object.  There is many ideas logged for all these missing but I could nto find a simple matrix/grid table anywhere.


has anyone seen anything like this in a video?  dreamforce presentation?



one axis:


standard objects on training wheels (what I call the non-core E.g.. Accounts, contacts, opps, cases, leads, campaigns etc.)

1 contRacts

2 assets

3 product

4 activity

5 quota

6 forecast

7 real-time quote


8 ideas


10 knowledge

11 chatter


12 sf2sf app

13 offline app




then the sorta declarative features i am thinking about

1- RUS on child object (I understand only supported 2 Opp Account and Opp Product Item)

2- cross object formula in FF (formula field)

3- cross object formula in WFR (WorkFlow rule)

4- field updates in WFR

5- dependent pickist (controller)

6- dependent pickist (dependent)

7 - edit ALL pickist values (none are restricted) E.g.. AccountContactRole


8- custom M-D to standard and custom Lookup to standard (found chart on page 70 of SOAP dev guide but mainly core objects only)

9- add new custom fields to custom object

10- add new lookup filters to custom object

11 - RecordType supported

12- page layout can be edited

13- inline edit supported

14- audit history is enabled


15 supported in the auto routines E.g.. email2case etc..

16 supported in the mailmerge / HTML routines etc..



Anyone seen anything like?

thankyou in advance

  • June 05, 2012
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I am new to "force.com" coding and declarative toolset.
FF = Formula Field
VR = Validation Rules
WF = Workflow

so can someone please ase my mind as I feel I am going against the programming best practice of "you make sure your code has no hard-coded values".  So though Formula fields are PR'd as declarative.  they are strictly still 1 line of code.  (I love the tool, just not feeling comfortable with bp advocated)

about 10 years ago, when i was coding Object Orientated in another CRM.. (yes that was possible back in those days...), the work around was:
1 create a custom object to store the List of Values LOVs
2 reference that object/field in any of the business logic syntax e.g.. Formula, workflow rules, validation rules etc..

but in SF ADM201 and DEV401 material, it demonstrates to hard code the value in the formula editor.
so is this really the best practice?

is the a reason why we don't create a custom object to store the LOVs
e.g.. means extra overhead somewhere???

thankyou for your time

  • June 04, 2012
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I am currently working on a project in Norway and we really need this functionality to save and add the word file to the Case object  i SF directly from word, meaning that we should have a button that is "Save to SF". And it should if you are starting a word template  from a SF case relate to this automaticly, but that is maybe to much to ask for.

  • January 04, 2011
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I am new to sales force and I am trying to create a page where I can find the duplicate 'Contacts' in my salesforce by using the name and emailId.

I would like it to be similar to the 'Find Duplicates' in the 'Lead' page.


I have tried to create a new page and then populate the fields by using the 'standardController' as contact. The problem I am facing is that to querry the database - I am thinking of  using a custom-controller. This means I cannot use the standardController feature for the web-page. If I use a custom-controller how can I access the email and name of the contact without passing them through the URL?


I am not sure if I am following the correct procedure for finding the contact duplicates. Please let me know how I should approach the problem.


Thanks in advance.

Is there an effective way to link Salesforce.com & Excel with a Mac

Our company uses an Excel based bidding form that needs to integrate with the customer information based on SFDC.

Thanks for any help.