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I'd love to be able to follow opportunities based on a combination of Amount and the Stage of the opportunity....but can see (I think) that this would require the apex code to be tweaked. Sadly I am not a developer so don't know code, and (currently) our web developer is not Salesforce-trained.


Just wondering whether a) this would indeed be just a tweak or is this something major and b) if it is something quite small to do - does anyone have any suggested code that I could pretty much copy and paste into the existing code? I can be logical if things need a small change but as above, don't know code.


Thanks :-)

I created a Long Text field (32,000 chars) in the Leads section, inserted data into that field successfully via the Excel Connector (some had 5,000 chars!). I can see all the data in SFDC.

However, when I use the Excel Connector to return the Long Text data, it maxes-out at 1023 characters.  Is this a bug?  Has anyone found a work-around to get the Excel connector to return > 1023 chars from a Long Text field?