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We are doing an integration with M-files.

When trying to read from Salesforce with the Select Statement:
Select ID, Name from Installations_Terminations__c

We get the error in the Server Event Viewer:
Cannot create a row of size 9229 which is greater than the allowable maximum row size of 8060.

Is there something that could make a row that wide?

Our Salespeople are starting to complain a lot about how much they have to enter into an Opportunity. We recently changed our processes due to growth and they are now entering in Opportunities themselves. Here's a list of issues they have and I'm wondering if it's possible to implement:

1) Auto fill from one field to another. Company Name and Opportunity Name. They want the Company Name to auto fill the Opportunity Name when they tab over. They are usually similar so they would just write over it.
2) If a value is selected from a multi-picklist, can it automatically fill in separate picklists with the values in the multi-picklist? The multi-picklist shows all the options and the separate picklist show individual pricing for each.
3) If you select an option in one picklist, can you have the default of other fields be something different for each option in the picklist?


I'm not sure how I can do this. I have a checkbox that I want to show up in another object. Should I create a new field in the 2nd Object and create a WFR to do a field update if the checkbox in the 1st object is checked then update the 2nd object? What would the formula be?


Or is there a way to do this with setting up the new field in the 2nd Object? Like Master-detail relationship?