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I have child object to leads called lead details.(leadco).  Working with PE edition with API enabled.

There is a multiple pick list field with multiple choices selected on the child object Leadco.

In order to be able to merge information from this pick list into Email template ( mass email from leads tab) - I need to get the pick list values over to the lead object using a formula

I have a working  formula that will bring over one pick list value -- but I need to bring over all pick list values to a formula field on leads for the email merge to work..  How do I get more than one pick list value to come over to this leads field ?

If(INCLUDES( LeadCo__r.Per_Position__c ,"JAVA"),"JAVA ",
IF(INCLUDES( LeadCo__r.Per_Position__c ,".Net"),".Net ", NULL))

both .net and java are picked in the multi-pick list - but I only get "java" in my formula field on leads??

Have tried various AND and OR but keep getting syntax errors


I have about 35 values in the multi-pick list - any or mulitple can be selected and I would want to have the formula on the leads field bring each one over to the formula field in leads.


thanks in advance for assistance