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           i have a lookup lookup field candidate__C in job_Application custom object.

           now i want to change field candidate__C  from lookup to master Master-Detail Relationship

           how can i do it.




I have two object School and Student.
They are having master detail relationship where School(Master) --> Student(Child)

Each school must contain student name with unique values.

For e.g. School Name : DOn Bosco
        Student Name: Ajay
        Student Name : Kunal
    It should not allow another record with student name as 'Ajay', because it is already available under DOn Bosco.

But student Name "Ajay" can allow to add under different school name (say under St. Xaviers), simply because "Ajay" belongs to different school.

How to resolve this problem?

Devendra S    

I have one text field.
I want a RegEx validation so that user only will be able to fill numeric value (no any Character nor any special symbol).