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is there any way to display VF page on home components directly without clicking Custom link. ?


My requirement :-

Community user will login and he will see cases and tasks assigned to him.


Please suggest.

There is requirement to send Case update notificaion to owner of the case and also to some subscribers.

These subscribers are present in Text area field.


Requirement :-

we need to send email template which will take first name and last name. 



Dear [first name] [last name],

The following  case  has been updated:
   Case Number: [case number]



In standard email template Is there any way to get [first name] and [last name] for subscribers ?

i know code can send it but i dont want to go by that way.

Please suggest ASAP.






How many custom fields you can convert when converting leads ?

Opportunity teams are created and user1 is added to opportunity team with "Read / Write" access.


Read / write access :- This access is given to the member to edit opportunity.


OWD :- owd level access to opportunity is private.


profile :- profie level access is C / R / E / D.


1. when i logged in as user1 and trys to edit opportunity and save it. it was giving me an error "Insufficient privellages".

then what is use of giving Read/write access at opportunity leve ?


2. Here i was able to change owner of an opportunity so "insufficient privellages" / security is not having any value...!!!


Please comment regarding opportunity team security.