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Hello all,

We seem to have difficulty with the output of our styled Live Chat pages.

While the pop up window on desktop looks fine, the display on mobile still appears to resemble a full width desktop. Please see the screenshots below:


We currently have the height of the window set to 700px. Could that be a reason for this outcome?

Many thanks.

Hi All,

Within our live chat window, we was looking to apply the file transfer section within the chat log. This way we can avoid the chat log window having to change height to accomodate the file transfer section when visible.

So within the liveAgent:clientChatLog tag, is there a way to incopropate the liveAgent:clientChatFileTransfer tag? Otherwise it simply seperates the chat log from the transfer section
Hi All,

We currently have the following user flow if theres a disconnection after a pre chat form is submitted

pre chat form -->  waiting page after submission   --> disconnection page

We want to find out if its possible for the customer to simply click on a retry button which resubmits the pre chat form so they can avoid starting at the beginning by filling in the form again. Please see attached:

User-added image
Hi All,

Is it possible to bring in a save chat button to a post chat page? We was looking for the following outcome once a customer finished a post chat survey:

User-added image

your feedback will be well appreciated.
Hi All,

We are looking at the possibility of changing the location of the messaging which states that the Live Chat session is closed due to the customer's activity. The current user flow per window for this is as following:

1.pre chat form --> 2.live chat window --> 3.Live chat closed window (with close window buttons)

We want to combine step 3  to the step 2 window, please see attached design.

User-added image

We would also want the possibility of downloading the live chat discussion. If the change of location is not possible, we would want the download button to be accessible at least.

many thanks