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How to query the opportunity stage type (Open,Closed/Won, Closed/Lost) when an opportunity Id is given.

Also, is it possible to add more entries to Type picklist and can this field be used in integrations with other applications?
We have a batch that fails intermittently. The error messages come back as "batch failed" with no other information. We can reschedule the batch and it will run normally until it fails again. Since it is intermittent we can't catch anything in the debug logs, we had them running for weeks at a time with no success. We have checked our release schedule and the release schedule of the integrated platform and the timing is not consistent with the failures, so we are assuming our code is not to blame. 

Has anyone else run into something like this, was there a resolution?

Example of failed batch.
I am using a flow to allow a user to edit a record.
I can display the current value of all the fields in the record except for picklists - is there any way to do this?

Also all my picklists in the flow are mandatory - do they have to be?


        I need bulk api code in C#.net.The developer guide gives the code for client java application.I need it for C#.net.or can i convert the same code to C#.I tried it using IKVM,buit couldnot do it successfully.Please help.

Hi all,


I have a problem about upload file using apex:InputFile control, when i add this control (apex:InputFile) to form that uses renderer attribute, there is an error occurs:

apex:inputFile can not be used in conjunction with an action component, apex:commandButton or apex:commandLink that specifies a rerender or oncomplete attribute


Pls help me to solve this problem. 

I'm looking to find the object types of the WhatId/WhoId fields of the Task and Event objects, so I can query these objects and get more information about them and perform certain automated tasks based on the type.

I found this tech article, which uses the first 3 digits as a marker, but the article also says that this may change at any time:


Is there a better way of getting the object types of WhatId/WhoId fields or querying them based on Id only (no type)?