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My developer created a trigger to copy the Accepted Date value from the Agent Work Object to a read only field on the case object.  It doesnt work consistently.  According to SF support it will not work.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

trigger AgentWorkTrigger on AgentWork (before insert, before update, after insert, after update) {

We need to setup 200 Forwarding rules in Exchange to route emails to new team email addresses. Our IT department wll not create all of these rules so we need another method to forward them.  Is there an app that can do that?  Can it be done via an API?  
Hello...Im new to VF pages so am struggling to create one.  I have a custom object called Client Preferences which is related to Cases.  What I need to do is capture that the user opened/viewed the related client prefernce record.  I have a field on Client Preferences  called Contact "CP viewed by".  This field is not visible to users.  What I want to do is create a VF page that sits on the Case page.  It adds the name of user who viewed the Client Prefernce record into the Contact CP viewed by field. I can add the VF page to the case, but cant get the VF page to capture what I need.   It seems easy enough but I cant get it to work.