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I am working on recruitment app and am unable to see the profiles option under manage users. Lookd up questions asked by other users. They said since it is professional version, I am not able to access profiles option.

However, the previous times, I had gotten father along and discovered that I did not have sufficient licences to continue with app creation and they suggested the professional version with 20 licences was the way to go.

But now I am working with an account with professional licence and am unable to see the profiles option.

Please suggest what I can do to proceed with professional licence but be able to create profiles.


Working on the recruitment app. I am having issues with salesforce user licence. Since they provide limited user licences, on page 187 of the app work book, they tell us to login in as different users and test their permissions etc. However, they need salesforce user licence and we run out of it. Then only options are salesforce platform user licence. But this does not work with the permission sets for example. With this option only profile we have access to is "standard platform user".

Is there a difference between standard user and Standard platform user profiles?

Any idea how I can work around this limitation?

Also, I set up the roles and hierarchy. I has set up roles before and now it is gone. Any idea why this happened?

This is the second time I am working thru' the Recruitment app. On Page 129, we are instructed to import 3 files .. One for Position, Candidate and Job Applications. When I import the Position file, I get error message that states "Error: Status: picklist value is not active: Closed - Canceled". 

Later in the app I get weird errors and none of the position nor candicates show up when trying to assign a user for the role of CEO.

I think there is a problem either with the data or with the app, in my belief. Cannot go beyond this stage. If this excercise needs to be useful I need help.

Can someone from Salesforce help?
Help me to understand salesforce and funcationality to know..

Hi all,


I'm a Salesforce developer with 2 years of experience. Recently i've decided to give my certification. I have found that even after 2 years of experience i find many questions in dumps difficult to answer.


Is creating the Recruitment app essential to crack the exam?  I also found I need to memorise  a lot of numerical data related to salesforce Limits.


My friend suggested that going through all of the dumps available is enough to crack the exam. Is it enough if i go through all the available dumps and learn the ones i couldnt answer ?


Please let me know as i'm deciding to give the exam by next week.