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I now there exists the new Beta lookup between Opportunity & Campaign but I want the same activity to relate to the existing Campaign and Opportunity so if that additional lookup field creates another Activity related object then is there a way to create a stamp that creates the same Closed Loop functionality?  Basically the ask is similar to what exists when you convert a lead, creating the activity and Opportunity at the same time. THis would be something like a "Follow-Up" button on Campaign Member object triggering these actions on the campaign members (with or without filters based on status) that would create the activity and opportunity at the same time, relate them both to the campaign, but also relate the activity to the created opportunity, or somehow stamp the activity with the opportunity ID so that with reporting they can be considered a Closed Loop.
For example let's take contact records, I can submit one record for approval using the approval process, also trying to submit records through apex calss but it only works with single records . Is there any other way to submit records for approval in bulk?

Could you help me in this requirement!

Hi folks,

I am new to VF. I am trying to create a VF page very similar to add campaign members functionality where one can select multiple contacts and attach them to campaign in one step.


Here is my use case,

1- I have a custom object (myObject__c) and

2- I would like users to click a button on myObject page layout .

3- This button will show a list of account records based on a simple query, with a checkbox (similar to enhanced list)

4- User will select one or more displayed account records by clicking checkbox and will click done.

5- The selected account Ids will be saved in a custom object (RelatedAcct__c).


Can we create "add campaign members" like fucntionality using VF page ?



  • December 17, 2009
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