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Hi all,

I'm getting an error while verifying the step 3:
  • Ensure that page performance is improved by only rerendering the table and error messages when a use clicks the Add button.
I have rerender attribute on the Add button but it doesn't work.
Anyone have an answer?

Thank you.
I'm having an issue getting this error: 

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The license and profile are set incorrectly for Ada Balewa.

Now, I have tried EVERY user profile/license combination available, and none seem to work for Ada Balewa... I also have issues with having the second User active (I can only seem to have myself and one other user active which is currently Shinje as per the instructions), I've also tried creating a custom profile with "Moderate Chatter" selected, but the error still remains the same, and I've hit a hurdle...
I am trying to deploy the xml package for Customer_Interaction__b.object using the workbench for this unit. However I deploy and get success message in workbench but cannot see any big object.
  • I did see on the unit page it says that the examples are written for api unit 41.0 but my workbench doesnt allow me to go beyond 40. Does this matter?
  • My trailhead playground is on winter 18.
  • Does it matter what the file name for the object and permission set? (I do have the package.xml)
  • I have tried with and without having 'Single package' selected in workbench deploy
  • I have double checked the workbench is logged into the correct org
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