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Hi all,

Our client wants to buy a Live Agent Service Cloud Application, and he wants intagrate it in a mobile application. But he was not satisfied with the REST API. He wants to use the WebSocket protocol to connect client application with the technical support service. So the question is: Does anyone know anything Salesforce supports this type of communication or not? It is also one of the issues was the use of Push-notifications (GCM / APNS), so second quaestion is: does it possible to send Push notifactiobs to mobile app from Live Agent?

Best regards,
Vitalii Bezbozhnyi


There is the following custom field called Url__c of type Account and the data added to the field is mainly urls and websites.
The problem is that the field is rich text and the data entered in the field Url__c is not the proper format. What I mean by not a proper format is: <span style="color: #5f604b;"><span style="font: signacondcolumn-book;"><span style="font-size: 8.0pt;">https://www.merchant.com/store</span></span></span><br><a href'="www.account.com">Account</a>.
Could you please advise what can be done in order to be able to get the urls in the proper format. I'll only need to use the urls for instance www.merchant.com or www.account.com. I was wondering if I can use a parser but I can't find an appropriate one in Salesforce. Could you please advise if you came across to such problem and how it can be resolved?