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We have a requirement to create different record types under Solution object and give access to specific profile to those record type.

Setting as of now :
Profile A - Object access (RCE) , Record type access (A1)
Profile B - Object access (RCE) , Record type access (A1 , A2)

But problem is users from Profile A have access to record having record type A2. They cannot create new of type A2 but they have read/edit access for A2 type.

Can you please help me with this.

Thanks, Rahul
I am facing some issue reading CSV file from email attachment:

CSV attachments containing any special character gives me invalid BLOB error. ( My attachments contains  " é "  French character  and similar keywords.)
global Messaging.InboundEmailResult handleInboundEmail(Messaging.InboundEmail email, Messaging.InboundEnvelope envelope) {
Messaging.InboundEmailResult result = new Messaging.InboundEmailresult();     
        if (email.binaryAttachments != null && email.binaryAttachments.size() > 0) {        
            for (integer i = 0 ; i < email.binaryAttachments.size() ; i++) {
                Blob fileContent = email.binaryAttachments[i].body;
               String[] elements = fileContent.toString().split(';|\n');

Exception:    StringException: BLOB is not a valid UTF-8 string

how to change/delete profile in sfdc