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Integration is done between salesforce and wordpress(woocommerce). A webhook is there that when a product is getting updated from product list same is getting updated in salesforce i.e. webhook is working fine but now we are using WooCommerce Stock Manager plugin which is updating the values in product list at wooocommerce end but not making changes in salesforce. Can we create a webhook for this or what else needs to be done to make it functional?
Hi All,

i want to integarte my current org with microsoft planner to move all the task and plan. Could any one please help me out here and let me know how we can do that
I am passing the return value from one function in another function in Lightning (sample below). However, the return value from the first function is always undefined. 
myfunction1: function(component)
      //call an Apex method
     //return result of apex method

myfunction2: function(component)
     var result = this.myfunction1(component);
     console.log(result) //RESULT IS ALWAYS UNDEFINED