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Hi Guys,

We are trying to develop an Enterprise tech application. Which would be best for app development? lightning or classic?
I see app's developed using classic can be upgraded to lightning. At the same time if I develop the app in lightning I might lose the customers who use classic(who are not willing to move to lightning).   
1. Created component 

User-added image
2. User-added image

Please help me, Why its not visible in 2nd section..?

I new in lightning  so I'm lost.

I get the value of a fields and store into a var lineSelected[]
I used the JSON.stringify but I get only the values of the field Without the key field.

Someone have examples of how I built a json in javascript to send to helper and then send to my controller as param?

Hi All,

I have a lightning custom button in lightning component and I want to call the another lightning component on click of this button. 
Please help me to achive this. 
Thanks in advance.

In some instances, a case must automatically escalate. Create a workflow rule that will set the escalated flag and send a task to the case owner if a case is not closed and its priority is set to High.

NOTE: Since Workflow rules only fire on record save, normally you would implement this with a time-triggered workflow action.

The workflow rule must be called 'Case Escalate on High Priority'.
The workflow rule must be tied to Case and fire when it is not closed and the Priority is updated to 'High'.
The workflow rule must evaluate on create and when is doesn't meet the criteria but is edited to meet the criteria.
The rule should fire a Field Update action called 'Set Case to Escalated'.
The Field Update action must set the 'Escalated' checkbox field to true.
The rule should fire an Assign Task action with a subject of 'Follow Up on Escalated Case'.
The Assign Task action must assign a task to the owner of the Case.
The Task should have a due date of 'Rule Trigger Date', status 'Not Started' and Priority 'Normal'.

I am having trouble Creating a workflow rule field for this challenge. Can someone please let me know what FIELD, OPERATOR AND VALUE I am suppose to create for this workflow to work 

I am trying to run a query where I expect a single object to be returned under normal conditions. However, there is the possibility that invalid data will be submitted in which case the query will not return anything. Rather than handling this by getting a list, checking its size and then proceeding it seems sensible to simply try and return the single object and catch an exception if one arises using the following:



private static Licensable_Product_Release__c parseProductInformation( XmlStreamReader reader ) {

String identifier, version;


// Code to get identifier and version...


try {

return [SELECT Name FROM Licensable_Product_Release__c WHERE Licensable_Product__r.Identifier__c = :identifier AND Version__c = :version];

} catch( QueryException e ) {

System.debug( e.getMessage() );



return null; 


The problem is in my test case I intentionally feed it data so that the query will fail and at that point get:



Debug Log:


*** Beginning Test 1: XmlProductUpdatesRequestTransformer.static testMethod void test()


20091030045250.098:Class.XmlProductUpdatesRequestTransformer.parseProductInformation: line 63, column 12: SOQL query with 0 rows finished in 7 ms

System.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject


Unless I'm not understanding something here, it seems that my try/catch is being completely ignored. I've searched the forums and have found people getting this error without having a try/catch block but then it seems that adding a try/catch has solved the problem.



Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.