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Hi All,

I am trying to authorize an org (Dev org not sandbox) from VS Code and I am in my Company network and default port Id 1717 wouldnt work for me. I have followed the below steps to create a Connected App and change port number in sfdx-project.json file. But still its taking me to old 1717 localhost even after changin the port number.

From Connected App..
User-added image

From VSCode project setup..

User-added image

I have also tried to put 443 in the redirected URL instead of 1717. But it doesnt work either.

Is there any mistake that I have done while setting up the Conncted App ? BTW, I am not using JWT AUthentication. Its just web based authentication. How else can I change the default port number ?

PS : I have used both "oauthLocalPort" : "443" and "oauthLocalPort" : 443. 

Hi All


I need to query the distinct value for a field, which is like "select xxx(number field) from yyy group by xxx(number field)." But system threw error as "field 'xxx' can not be grouped in a query call". 


Is there any way to implement such distinct query for a number field?




  • August 08, 2012
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Hi Experts,


I am new with triggers. I would like to know how I can create a trigger that will change the record type of an Opportunity when the stage is change.


Steps to replicate: 


1. User clicks new and select OPID as the record type. Answer the fields and select New as the stage.


Expected results:


1. The record type would change to PreRFP when the User edits an Opportunity and change the Stage to Working.


Thank you in advance for the help!



  • May 30, 2012
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