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Hi Every one I am stuck at a challenge for report and dashboard specialist super badge "The 'SolarBot Warranty Call Sheet' filter shouldn't be adjustable by users." how to remove this


I want to create lead record using integration of php platform. I have written rest API for that. The code is working fine when tested on workbench. But now I have integrated salesforce with PHP platform. I do recieved the correct access code,client_id,client_secret,username,password, security token,Authorization:OAuth . I am sending the response in JSON format. But I am facing the issue like :
    [0] => Array
            [message] => This session is not valid for use with the REST API
            [errorCode] => INVALID_SESSION_ID

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


I've been working on this superbadge, near the end I got to this part:

Ada also tells you that the SolarBot Status Averages report needs some tweaks. First, the Support team wants to see trends over time, so they want the report to show data by week instead of by day. Second, they want a graph for this report called Weekly Panel Temperature and kWh that shows average panel temperature and average kilowatt hours as lines over time. Third, they want to see this graph on each SolarBot record page. Create the page and call it SolarBot Status Page With Chart. Include only information about the individual SolarBot in the chart.

What kind of page should I go for? I created a Lightning Record Page, a page layout, and it is not detecting any kind of page
Thanks in advance

I am facing this error while I have only displayed shift hours and grouped it with Volunteer Organization but still getting this error. 

Could anyone help me here.

Thanks in Advance.
Vinay Kumar Jain
Hi All, 

Im trying to do the second challenge in App Customization  but am getting some Super badge am getting the error "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:  Couldn’t find the 'Volunteer Shift' relationship field or it is not configured correctly."
Please, anyone, can anyone tell me which relationships should be created between these objects? I have created a master-detail relationship between them. 
User-added image

Also, am not clear with this "Shifts with cascading delete and the option of roll-up summary fields." 

Thank you and any help is appreciated.
Thank you in advance. 
 one list view the Inline edit is disabled and comment is : to edit filter by one record type ??! 
there is no logic filter in the list , and I have all permisions to edit !