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Hi, we create knowledge articles through a SF integration with a 3rd party content management system (MadCap Flare), which we use to write documentation. Then the knowledge articles get pushed to Communities/Sites and that is how the end-users consume the content.

All is good except that the content of the articles appears on the Communities/Site in what appears to be a Lightning Web Components (see attachment), which doesn't allow for too much customisation.

Any image embedded in the article body content (inside the 'Article Content' component) sometimes appear too small and don't expand  in a modal/popup if clicked on. We need some kind of a JavaScript library, I assume, to tweak the interaction with images. The Communities/Site only allows for CSS customisation but provides no direct access to the underlying HTML and JS.

Adding custom lightning web components, or installing existing 3rd party components would not solve the problem as they would be independent from the main Knowledge 'Article Content' component, which holds all the content. It feels that the best way would be to somehow edit the existing component, if at all possible.

I have been playing with VSCode and the dev environment, retrieving existing metadata from the org using Manifest, but I can't figure out what needs editing to achieve what I want. The 'Article Content' component doesn't show up under the 'lwc' folder, nor does it show under the 'pages' or 'components' folders in the project (in the dev environment). Where can I access the code that is responsible for the body content of each Knowledge article, so I can add JavaScript-driven interactivity to its elements.

User-added image


User-added image

I am VERY new to LWC development and having issue opening a previously created LWC from my Org using Visual Studio Code.   I do not have this code yet in any folder on my system just want to connect to the org and pull down the code for pre-existing LWCs.
I did install Salesforce in Visual Studio Code but not sure how to use it once it's installed

Any tips are appreciated.  
Most of my old experience was with Apex/VF and Eclipse IDE.
  • January 29, 2020
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I am new to LWC and cant seem to figure out how to open the source code for LWC. Aura can be opened in the dev console but from what i understand this is not possible with LWC.

Is it possible to open a LWC source code from within the org? I have a LWC that was developed by someone else that needs editing. How can I access the source code?

Can someone tell me, what is the difference between Create Project and Create Project using Manifest? 
Is the latter used for non-dx projects primarily?