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We have created a community form using a flow that allows our customers to request our services. Within that they often need to upload files as reference materials. within the flow we are using the file upload flow component. This component is only letting us upload .pdf and .docx files. we would like it to allow us to upload a slew of different file types ( .pdf and .docx..jpg, .png, .tiff, .csv, .xls etc.). I have looked at various help articles to allow me to add the file extensions to the component but every time i get an error saying only .pdf and .docx can be uploaded. how do i configure the flow component to allow use to upload different file types?

We have turned on the group calendar and give some user by role to have "View Detail and add event" sharing. Noticed that user can not edit the event even created by themselves. We have to give them full acess in order to let them edit their own group events, and we have to build validation to block them update or delete group events created by others. is there an easier way to do it?
I am new to LWC and cant seem to figure out how to open the source code for LWC. Aura can be opened in the dev console but from what i understand this is not possible with LWC.

Is it possible to open a LWC source code from within the org? I have a LWC that was developed by someone else that needs editing. How can I access the source code?
We have a manufacturer who has built an external configurator. I have found the following documentation on this subject:

This documentation seems very limited. There is no mention of what is sent in the JSON string to the extneral configuration tool and the format it needs to be returned in. How do you utilise that JSON string that is returned to make appropriate product option selections, etc.

Does anyone have any more information or some examples?

I am fairly new to development on Salesforce (currently some clases and triggers) I have also put together a quote calculator plugin successfully and have some development background in other languages just to make clear my experience level. 

Thanks in advance. 

I'm stucked on Service Cloud Specialist step 6. It shows the error message:

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
We can't find the Recipient field in the email template. Ensure the Cloudy Weather Email Template addresses the Recipient of the email.
Close errors

However, my email template called Cloudy weather (Text format) has the following body:

Hey {!Contact.FirstName}, Sorry to hear that your panels aren't generating the power you hoped for. Based on our research, it appears the low power produced is related to the cloudy weather in your area recently. In the worst conditions, Ursa Major panels produce ~25% of maximum power. If you have additional questions, please give us a call and reference case {!Case.CaseNumber}. Thanks! {!User.Name}, Ursa Major Solar

Any ideas?

i had gone through developer guide and other things, i need the a small example what really the metadata is with an example , of simple 
thanks and regards

How is it possible to get the developer name for a record type
  • September 30, 2015
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Hi all,

While exploring the salesforce features i came across supoort process
  1. Support processes are used to add or remove the status values of cases
  2. After a support process has been created its assigned to a record type
Now my confusion  is ,why  are we  using support processes to add/remove the picklist values? as It can also be achieved when creating record types.
Record types allow us to customize the picklist values then why wud we use this solution process feature?

I currently have a date field that displays a date 3 days from the date the form is opened. Here is the formula I used: TODAY() + 3


I would like to modify the formula to show a value of 3 business days instead of 3 days.  Can someone help?

Thanks in advance.

  • March 16, 2011
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Howdy everyone,


Well, I'm a bit stumped. I'm trying to test a web-to-lead form where I preset the record type:



<input type="hidden" id="recordType" name="recordType" value="012Q00000008ULW">


I have the "keep the existing record type" option set under Lead Settings and it is still not working. 


Everything else is populating correctly on the lead record in SFDC.