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How can I pair my Cloud PBX to Salesforce?
How can I pair my Cloud PBX to Salesforce?
Hello dear community,

My company has decided to build a new website using an outside developer and I was taksed to find a way to connect our current Enterprise org with the website. Basically, we want to use Salesforce as our backend database.
Our users should be able to create a new user on the website, and their credential should be saved into Salesforce org. At the same time, one logged in they should be able to see their personal information as well as info from Related Lists. In addition, they should be able to freely interact with the website that uses API from other companies, and once queried that information should be saved in Salesforce as well. Users do not need access to any other information in Salesforce besides the data that directly relates to them.

I found a few solutions offered on the forum, but not exactly what I was looking for. Can you please share some resources that I can take a look into that can work in this case?

Thank you very much.