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We want our Contact Center Agents to be required to obtain specific Trailhead Badges in order to have Cases assigned per Skills-Based Case Routing.  Is this possible?  How do we connect the Trailhead Badges to the Skills-Based Case Routing Configuration?  I'm thinking this will require a Case Validation Rule where the Contact Center Agent user must have a  specific Trailhead Badge before they can be assigned to a specific Skills-Based Case Queue.  Any recommendations are appreciated. Note that I'm an Administrator, not a developer.
My Tableau app for Event Monitoring Analysis is failing because three fields are not assigned to the integration user profile: NumSubScriptions, GridLayout, and FilterScope.  I do not know which object these 3 fields are associated with. How can I find the Object/s for these 3 fields without reviewing each object one at a time?
Trying to create a validation rule that will fire if an active child record (FAR) already exists, (Parent=FA, Child=FAR has Lookup(FA)), and a new child record with the same picklist value is being created.  Following is my validation rule that is preventing creation of any new child record, whether or not one exists already:
         Active = True,
         ISPICKVAL(Role__c,"Joint Approver"),
Is there a way to perform a Count of a Role__c record so that the validation rule is looking for a Count > 1? Note that Role__c is a picklist with several values, like Survivor, Joint Approver, and Beneficiary. Only Survivor and Joint Approver values are limited to having only one active child record.
Need to create a report to provide the average number of Log-a-Call task records per day by Assigned user.