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I'm working on a site ops tool that will allow a user to ping Salesforce to ensure that the API is alive. Is there a recommended approach in doing this?

Thanks in advance!

  • March 29, 2005
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What is the easiest way to transfer my data to the test environment?

  • February 11, 2005
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Is it now, or has it ever been, possible to submit a SOQL statement similar to this:

SELECT firstname, lastname, email, id from CONTACT WHERE FIRSTNAME = 'scott' AND LASTNAME='last' OR LASTNAME='last2'

Using sforce Explorer, I get a MalformedQuery Exception and have to add parens to the statement:

SELECT firstname, lastname, email, id from CONTACT WHERE FIRSTNAME = 'first' AND (LASTNAME='last' OR LASTNAME='last2')


Is there no order of precedence for ANDs and ORs in SOQL? Or is precedence only determined by using parens?


  • January 31, 2005
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I would like to know if it's possible to guarantee the uniqueness of a lead in SalesForce. I need to use something like SSN as the key. The situation is as follows: A user expresses interest in a car loan and provides his/her SSN to see if they qualify for a special rate. This lead would be inserted into SForce via "Web2Lead". If they qualify, I would then send them to a custom page that would extract their info from SF and update it with additional information (credit app fields). Obviously I only want to create one application per SSN so I have to be sure it's unique.

Has anyone done anything like this or have an idea as to how it can be done.

sorry for my terrible english.
I've two questions for you.
1st question: I've to make a query on "Account" table.
This is my query:
select Name, BillingStreet, BillingCity, BillingPostalCode from Account where Codice_Conto__c = '76113'
ok. My query works well.
But now I need to filter data by LastModifiedDate. For example I need to get results where LastModifiedDate is greater than 1 dec 2004.
What is the right sintax to do this?
I tried this sintax:
select Name, BillingStreet, BillingCity, BillingPostalCode from Account where Codice_Conto__c = '76113' and LastModifiedDate > 2001-12-01
and many others... but it doesn't works...
2nd question: Can I delete a record on sforce using queries?
for example, can I use a command like this:
delete from Account where Codice_Conto__c = '76113'
Thank you very mutch for any help,
Francesco C.
  • February 11, 2005
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Does anyone know how to dynamically reference the field names in an Object?

I'm populating a dataset from a queryresult. The list of fields and the object it queries is built dynamically so explicity identying each field is not feasible.

For i As Integer = 0 To qResult.records.GetUpperBound(i)

con = CType(qResult.records(i), sforceDEV.Contact)

dsR("FirstName") = con.FirstName



The Fieldnames in the dataset I'm constructing from a picklist, but for the example here, I've changed it to read:

 dsR("FirstName") for simplicity reasons. The area I need to populate is for each field name in "con".





  • February 01, 2005
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