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it took me forever (ok, a few weeks) to figure out where the 'Send and Add' button was in Outlook 2007- and today i finally realized why i had so much trouble finding it. first, Outlook 2007's interface is the most confusing yet from Microsoft, and that's no small feat. how they managed to make a Mail interface virtually impenetrable is beyond me. props, Microsoft!

so, i find this 'Add-ins' menu today and I'm like, 'Cool!'

i use it - awesome. but then i go to use it again, and, uh, it's like not there anymore.

an hour later, it's confirmed. i'm not going crazy. this software really just does have a horrific bug. the 'Add-ins' menu - if that's what it's called - is just gone. i have to restart Outlook to use this integration with Salesforce. I don't know which software is responsible, but it's pretty horrendous.

Is anyone having difficulty with the Office Edition for Desktop Integration between SFDC and the new office 2007 for word and excel?