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We need to do a daily upsert of Pricing data from our quoting tool into the PriceBookEntry table in SFDC. Problem is that we cannot create a custom field in PriceBookEntry in SFDC, that can store the unique Pricing ID from the quoting tool, which can be used for the daily upsert process using Cast Iron. Also, we cannot get the PriceBookEntry IDs to be stored in a custom object, as you cannot write triggers on PriceBookEntry!

Has anyone encountered a similar scenario wherein there is a requirement for synchronizing the PriceBookEntry table between an external system and SFDC??

While adding users through the Data Load/Excel Connector (mass upload), how can we check the "Generate new password & notify user immidiately" checkbox, so that the new user gets the login instructions email from Salesforce.com? This field is not available in the User schema, neither in the data loader nor in the connector.

Hi all,


Hope you are all well. When you click on Lead tab and click on any of the built in views, you will see the lead information displayed nicely. I am just wondering if there is a way to remove the company column from the display?


Knowing it might be far too basic for some of you but as I am struggling with it I thought I will pick your brains.



  • April 21, 2009
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We have group edition. I would like to identify economic ways to use an emailing system for marketing and sales purposes that can integrate with salesforce so that we can have a unified system that can send emails, track who comes to the site from each email campaign, and report. Suggestions?