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I'm new to SF and am working in Developer mode. I tried an insert of 30 records via Lexiloader (such a relief finding that it exists and that I don't need to run Parallels and Windows!) and it ran, showed no errors, but no success either. And no records were inserted (0 successful inserts and 0 errors).


The custom object I'm inserting into has two master-detail relationships - is that a limitation?


The custom object has the following fields:

MF_Transactions_Id (Name) = Autonumber

Posted_date_c = Date/Time (defaults to NOW())

Rate_c = Formula(Currency)

Scheme_c = Master-Detail(Scheme)

Squirrel_c = Master-Detail(Contact) [filtered]

Transaction_c = Picklist

Transaction_date_c = Date (defaults to TODAY())

Units_c = Number(8,4)

Value_c = Currency(10,2)


In my csv I have all the above fields except the autonumber and the formula field. In the two Master-Detail fields in the csv, I have entered the value that shows up in the Name field in the respective Master. E.g., for Squirrel_c where the Master is the Contacts object, I've used "Mr. Bob Dylan". Here's a sample line:


2011-06-23T00:00:00.SSSGMT+5:30,Templeton India Treasury Management Account,Mr. Bob Dylan,Dividend,2011-05-1T00:00:00.SSSGMT+5:30,0.088,133.75


Any ideas what could be causing this to bomb?