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I'm trying to log into a production edition and keep getting this error:


Login failed: INVALID_LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out.


I know my username, password and security token are all working because I'm logging in with the IDE and I'm not locked out. The login attempts are not showing up in the Login History at all. 


Anyone know what the issue is?


I'm using v0.58A with Adobe Air v3.1.0.4880.


Has anyone had any luck with the usage of this new BETA tool?  I installed the Adobe AIR and Flash Player as required and then unzipped the file provided.  But there is nothing in the file that is an executable or web page.  There is an SWF file, but that is not associated with any program and I don't think you can simply "execute" an SWF anyway.  Any ideas?