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Hi friends, m getting below error in above trailhead,, please help me to solve this issue,
error: The page isn't using the Bootstrap List Group component.


can anyone pelase let me know below questions.


1. What is the use Javascript Remoting ?


2. If more flexible, When we need to use ?


3. What is the use of Actionfunction ?


4. What is the diffrenece between Actionfunction and Javascript remoting ?


5. JS remoting used for mainly calling the APEX method from javascript ? if yes what s the benefits ? can u please let me know real time scanerio ?


As of now, I know the js remoting the will be used for calling APEX method from javascript . i just want to know when we need to perform this ?





I've done quite a bit of research on the forums on how to include a "simple" Google Map example, and have tried many of them. With all , I seem to end up in the same place as a lot of others end up based on the forum comments - the map never actually comes up. I have a valid API key that I substitute, and still nothing comes up - just a blank VF page. Does anyone have a real working example that I could review and modify?


 I just want to display a set of locations on the map. In my case, location is a custom object with country, state,city and zip (not a standard account record). If I can just get something basic working (i.e. actually see a map), I can then modify it to also set the marker colors based on some properties of the location - it's for a dashboard.


Any help would be greatly appreciated (something in API V3 would be best, but at least an example that works). I thought this was going to be simple...

Hi Salesforce Gurus,


I want to know which relationship is maintained between Salesforce standard objects i.e Account, contact and Case Solution, Campaign lead, etc,... Is it Master detail relationship or look up relationship? One of my buddy having 6 years of experience in Salesforce.com said that "there is no such relationship is maintained in between Salesforce standard objects, These relationships are meant for only custom objects.." Is  it true?  If the relationship is Master detail, it will not follow few things, like master is mandatory while creating the contact record and if we delete account record contact record is not deleted, Could anybody explored on this?? If anybody came across please share a document or any URL saying about relationships for Standard objects in Salesforce.com. Thank you in advance!!



I have a SOQL statement in my main class which executes correctly apart from when called from a test class. The SOQL statement returns no results when I execute it from the test class.  If I run the SOQL directly in the salesforce.schema window of my Force.Com IDE the SOQL runs ok and returns results ok.  I run this as a Sys Admin & when I execute the test class I'm logged in as this same user.  The permissions are not set to read only for the Sys Admin user for the fields in my object which I am querying on.   I am executing this in my developer box.


Is it possible that Test classes cannot execute a soql query in developer edition?

As the fields are not read only on the object. is there another setting on the object which may block SOQL statements from being run?




We enter our vendor invoices into our system and we have issues with duplicate invoices being entered. I wanted to make the vendor invoice number field (text) unique BUT what if there was the same invoice number for more than on vendor? (believe me it does happen with vendors who have four or three digit invoice numbers.)


I then thought of a way to create a formula that would concatenate the vendor account code with the vendor invoice number. That would then be a very unique number. BUT I don't think that you can make formulas unique.


What can I do?

  • April 22, 2010
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