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OK, So I have a datetime field that I would like to set a time stamp when another filed updates to a certain status.
  • I created a datetime field
  • Created a process that updates the date time field when the criterea is met
  • Used NOW() as the formula to set the field to
Here in is the problem. The field is getting updated with the correct date, just not the correct time. Now before anyone attempts to go down the conversation of timezone issues, it's not. It's literallay just setting the time to 5:00 pm every time. No minutes ever. Just 5:00 pm.

So I tested by creating a standard formula field, set the return type to datetime and set the formula to NOW() and sure enough, every time I refresh the page I get the accurate and updated time.  It's just when SF sets my datetime field via Process Builder, it only shows 5:00 pm. Even when the other formula field that uses the exact same formula shows the correct time. I'm sure it's just something small I'm missing. Thanks in advance for anay help! 

I created my trailhead account using my LinkedIn account, whenever I complete badges, it's not giving me this message:
User-added image\

Instead it's giving me only half of this popup (the left half) and won't give me the option to add to my LinkedIn profile.
My account is linked with linkedin as well:

User-added image

I've spent at least 2 hours trying to work this out. Please help!