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Hi there,

I was trying to complete the module "Creating object-specific quick actions" for the Salesforce1 mobile basics.  
To complete the challenge I needed to do the following:

The Account Rating, Number of Employees, and Annual Revenue need to be updated from time to time. Create a publisher action on the account object to allow users to do this easily.

* Create an object-specific action called 'Update Account Information' on the account object
* Make your action update the 'Account Name', 'Rating', 'Employees', and 'Annual Revenue' fields.
* Add the action to the Account Layout page layout.
* Your Developer Edition must NOT have a namespace enabled for this challenge to be assessed.

Here's what I have done to complete the challenge.
* Created an action "Update Account Information" on the account object and action type as "Update a record".
* Edited the layout to include only Account Name', 'Rating', 'Employees', and 'Annual Revenue' fields.
* Added the action "Update Account Information" in Account layout inside the Accounts||Page Layouts.

Even after doing the steps mentioned above, I am getting the error: "The 'Update Account Information' publisher action was not added to the account layout". Can somebody throw some light on where I am going wrong in here please?

Many thanks in anticipation.