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Hi, Please can anyone let me know if there are any ways to send SMS in salesforce at free of cost? If it is not able to activate this feature for Free of Cost, what will be charge collected per month if we use any service?

I need to integrate sms in My SF application anyone can suggest me how to do 

Thanks in advance

I want to send SMS at some specific time. Can anyone please suggest me some solution to send SMS from time dependent trigger action in workflow rule or using some other way?



I've been looking for a way to conveniently send text messages from Salesforce to a predefined group of Contacts, or other phone-releated objects.  I've seen scant discussion on the boards.  One seemingly useful Appexchange application I found seemed pretty defunct.


Is anyone doing this?  I certainly could put something together, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel.   I'd be surprised is this is not a common task.   Please let me know of your experiences.


One option would be to blast emails to a (HTTP contactable) SMS exchange, but a connector would be so much cooler.