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Hey All,

I'm trying to figure out what I've done wrong here, but even after going through all the steps again I'm landing at the same problem. The letterhead looks fine to me (I've even gone to the effort of removing the older version I did and redoing a new one all over again) but I'm still at the same error.  Any help would be appreciated :) 

(Hoping it's something as simple as a spelling error, but I have been fairly careful about copy/pasting titles or names to make sure that isn't a problem!)

Error message step 4
Letterhead templateRSWE Template



I have built the reports and dashboards as outlined in the requirements, but I'm getting the following error "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: Couldn't find a component with the title 'My Top Accounts'."  
User-added image

However, I have the component on the dashboard as you can see below.
User-added image
What am I missing?
If anyone gets this error message: "The dashboard configuration that allows users to see only their own data is incorrect"...
error message

The solution is to check The Dashboard Viewer radio button in the dashboard settings--in the "View Dashboard As" section.