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I have started using Salesforce in my new company but for now the use is very basic- feeding/pulling out customer database. I want to learn full-fledged Saelsfroce and excel in it, I am from non-developer/non-coding background. I have started learning the Salesforce Admin modules viaTrail Head.
It will be great if somebody can guide me since Salesforce is huge and I want to go step-by-step and learn each and every component of Salesforce applications. What could be the best way? What should I follow excatly?
Thank you
  • January 25, 2017
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Hi Guys,
I am Suneel, working on Java from past 2 years onwards. Right now I want to change my platform from Java to Salesforce CRM. 
Is that a good decision I am taking right now? I don't know how the career growth will be in salesforce. But I am interested in working Cloud.
So guys could you please suggest me your views and guidence about to convert into CRM side?