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In the past, I have been able to login to sforce Explorer using my proxy settiings without any problem.  Recently, I get the following error:

Login Failed: UNSUPPORTED_CLIENT: https required

I have no problem logging in using the Dataloader with the same proxy settings.

  • September 27, 2005
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I can get DataLoader to run with JRE 1.4.2, but not with JRE 1.5.04. I'm getting a Null Pointer Exception at Login.

Is anyone else seeing this/

  • September 22, 2005
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I just read about the AppExchange program, but can find little in the way of details about it on the SForce or SalesForce.com sites. So I have some questions.

1. How does this change if any the partner levels and the certification process?
2. Can AppExchange applications implement storage options other than storing data and more importantly documents on SalesForce.com?
3. Must AppExchange applications be hosted on SalesForce.com entirely or can some components be distributed?
4. Can AppExchange applications act as integration components to external legacy applications?
5. Are there any technical requirements for AppExchange that developers need be aware of beyond the sforce api?
6. Is there any AppExchange specific technical documentation?

Thanks in advance for the answers to these questions.

I might say this new direction seems interesting and perhaps even exciting, but I felt much the same way when I first viewed the Lotus Notes Partner program info. While many small companies grew and flourished in that program, many more did not and the architectural flaws of Lotus Notes and the inability to scale eventually spelled the decline.

Commentary: If this becomes an ecosystem, which to me means there are life cycles and feedback loops, and not just a means to extend and expand SalesForce.com, then I am all for it. If the architecture is guided by the needs of the ecosystem with changes that are carefully thought out, evaluated and evolutionary in standards, features and services, I am all for it. If the standards and processes are inclusive vs. exclusive, I am all for it.


on the enterprise edition

does each account have to be api enabled by an administrator?

or are they enabled automatically

Hello, we have started using the email2case tool in anger today (read - gone live).

We have faced an unexpected (but understandable) problem. If a user submits an email with the images embeded in the mail then it breaks the email2case. This scenario means that the image does not have a filename and so the parser has a problem with the null filename. it does not save it out or do anything at all except throw an exception. it will continue to do so until the email is moved out.

The problem has been described by others as I believe its the nullpointerexception in the getfilename method.


Has anyone found this specific problem? more interestingly has anyone else found a fix for this or modified the code such that it handles the error better?

I am not a java programmer but am quite okay with a PC  so anything anyone has to offer would be great.

Many thanks for you time


  • September 07, 2005
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Hi chaps,

We have imported all of our contacts as the administrator and hence no users can see any contacts. Is there an easy way to modify the ownership of contacts, without performing a fresh import.

  • September 07, 2005
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1)  Is it possible to add the 'Notes and Attachments' related list section to Lead page layout?

2)  In a more general sense, is it possible to customize related lists?  Can we add new related lists?  Can we edit existing lists?


Mark Bruso
Portland, Oregon


I am looking for a way to calculate the difference between two dates and enter that into a field using the Formula field type. I don't see anyway to do it yet. Is this possible?


I'd like to create a Custom Object that has fields describing a question asked by a given Contact for a given Opportunity.  I suspect I want my Custom Object to have a Relationship with the ContactRole object, but ContactRole (or AccountContactRole or OpportunityContactRole) doesn't appear in the Related To pulldown on the New Relationship page. How do I set up that relationship?

(Sorry if this is a newbie question. I've been through the Customforce for Smarties document, but haven't had any other training. Is there anything else I should read?)

Thank you,



Is there any way to specify the record type for a lead input into the system via the Web-To-Lead process? I imagine it could be done using a hidden input field on the form but I don't know what name to provide for the field.

E.J. Wilburn
  • July 08, 2005
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