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Need assistance in getting up and running, to develop a few custom controls, i.e. multiple delete of bad imports into custom objects.
Need to create some more custom objects
Need to integrate object information with website data
I am having difficulty uploading any managed packages (beta or released) on my developer's org after Winter '09 upgrade.  Every time I tried, the upload failed and the error message only mentioned "Your upload failed.  You will receive an e-mail containing additional information."  However, the email never arrived so I don't know what caused the upload failure.  The same package have been successfully uploaded many times before.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

I'm sure this question has been asked from time to time, but I could not find the answer with my search strings:
Is there a specified execution order of apex triggers, workflow rules and validation rules?
I have some problems that depend on this execution order and need to know in wich squence these were executed.

Thanks for your help!
Can anybody help me with Integrating Salesforce with Encompass or Calyx Point Mortgage Industry Loan Orgination System . need help to read and write data  into both the systems acrooss from Encompass into Salesforce and from Salesforce to Encompass