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Anybody knows who I should contact to enable that feature for my account : thomas.lai@fil.com?


Many thanks.



I have a client that has a nonprofit as part of their corporate structure and a for-profit business unit.   The nonprofit is using Common Ground for donor management.  Common Ground renames the Opportunity object "Donations" as part of their managed package install.  However, the for-profit business has an objection to using the term "Donations" on that object because they are also tracking their business unit's sales on Opportunity.


Has anyone dealt with this issue before, and if so, how did you handle it?

Am I missing something?  I need to update the Marketing User field on the User object for all of our users.  The documentation says that the UserPermissionsMarketingUser is update-able via the API, but I cannot see it in the Data Loader.  What's the deal?  Anyone know how to bulk update it?

One of the features of Chatter groups is that any user with a profile permission of View All Data can see posts and files in any group, including private groups.  Our users want to be able to exclude those posts from everyone except the members of the private group. 


Anyone know how to do that?

Is there any way to turn off updates a user sees when they make a change to a record they own?  I don't want my feed to show changes I make because I know I have made them.


However, I could see how you would want them to appear when someone else comments or likes them.  Would this be custom VF page to show me only the feeds I want?

Maybe I'm missing something, but there doesn't seem to be any way to mass edit the "Status" field on tasks in a list view.  What's up with that? 


I know there are a lot of free apps on the AppExchange that provide nice VF pages where you can edit lists of tasks, but most of them require you to edit every record individually.  I just want to five my Sales users a list view to update the Status of all of their tasks at one time.


Any ideas?

I haven't been able to verify if you can expose the "submit for approval" button on objects within the mobile app.  I've tried it in my sandbox and can't see the button.  Is there something I'm missing or are approval processes not available on mobile?

One of the processes we use creates a file attachment to an object.  The file name is over 80 characters, so the file type (.pdf) get left off.  This causes an issue when the user tries to open it because they have to either save it locally or select what app to open it with.


Just looking for some advice here - what's the best way to resolve this?  Write a trigger on Attachment insert to rename the file and parse out the file type so that it gets included?

Has anyone embedded video in the new Knowledge Base app?  I found an idea related to it, so I'm guessing it's not possible through the delivered article managment UI where the end user could easily embed the video themselves.  I'm sure it's possible with VF, but haven't seen anyone else who has done it.


Here's the link to the idea:  Embed Video in Knowledge Base

Independent Salesforce consultant available for part-time work.  I have extensive experience with SFDC since 2006 and offer reasonable rates.  Free consultantions and only charge for deliverables.



Am I missing something?  I need to update the Marketing User field on the User object for all of our users.  The documentation says that the UserPermissionsMarketingUser is update-able via the API, but I cannot see it in the Data Loader.  What's the deal?  Anyone know how to bulk update it?



The company I work for wants to create an online shopping tool/order form and the suggestion is currently to use the Salesforce Customer Portal or perhaps the Sites section.


Ideally, the order itself would go into Salesforce as a Opportunity or Quote and the products as line items to one of those objects. However, we are 99% certain that its not possible for a portal/authenticated site user to access these objects (even via an Apex script) since portal/site profiles do not provide access to these objects. Our current thought of a workaround is to simply duplicate the objects so we have our own custom versions of them. Even though this would work, it seems a bit odd that we are creating custom objects for something that Salesforce provides for you as standard. 


If anyone has any suggestions or tips on how to go around this, we would love to hear them.




How can I do look up field on the opportunity product table? 

I have a custom object (table) and I need to do a related list with the opportunity product table.


Thanks for your help!

Anybody knows who I should contact to enable that feature for my account : thomas.lai@fil.com?


Many thanks.



I am trying to add a survey that is attached to Accounts. Ideally what I wanted to do is have a button on the Account page, that when clicked will open up either a custom object or Visualforce page that has a brief survey regarding that Account (fields: Date, Account Rating). There would also be a submit button, that when clicked would save the account id, date,account rating to the database. Can this be done with Salesforce, and if so what route should I go in, Custom Object of Visualforce Page?

I've got an updated verison of our app logo which is to be added and released.


Through the documents tab, I have opened up the logo document and replaced it with the new logo. I've released the new version (a major version upgrade - 1.3 to 1.4) and it has not updated my logo.


I had beta tested prior to the managed release but I had forgot to check the logo.


So why is this happening and can I change the logo via a patch upgrade?


Should I do it by creating a new document for the logo altogether (which would mean an entirely new major version)?


Thanks in advance,




I as an admin can add products to opportunity. When I try loging in as one of user I get this message: "You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested" I am not sure why I see this message, because user can edit other data on that Opportunity, including the details of the Products already in the opportunity. 


I have territories set up, and all 3 of them, Account, Opportunity Owner, and the User are in same territory.



We have a product config where users can select products from product table but can also manually enter a product and it creates a line item in another object.  Anyone know of a way to open an excel file from the opportunity and allow the user to imput info on the excel file and import it to the object? This would be sales users so couldnt be using the data loader or excel connector.

Is it possible to display custom buttons on mobile device?

How do we do this?  Enabling Chatter in our org with the default settings is going to cause a sh!tstorm of clutter due to the high volume of cases, leads, contacts, and accounts we have.  Each one of our support agents creates 30-50 cases per day, which would all be auto-followed, along with the contacts they create for those cases, and potentially any accounts created for those contacts, if we were to track changes on all 3 objects.  I want to phase in Chatter with the social aspects first, and then gradually add in the object tracking later (but still don't want the "follow everything I create" stuff going on at all).







Is there some way to toggle email notifications via APEX code?


If possible, I'd like to be able to turn them off and on for all users.



I need a field in the opportunity object that reflects the number of days since any activity linked to the opportunity was updated (Last Modified Date on Activity record).  This can either be a task or an event which is open or completed.
Since this field is not accessible as a rollup on the opportunity, I'm guessing I have to create a trigger to do this.  Any ideas?
  • September 02, 2009
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Since customer portals doesnt have a opportunity tab and has security to not edit opportuities, how would I let my customer VIEW there opportunities?

Will a VF page work? with restrictions? Would I have to make a VF tab - detail page? But then wat happens to the standard actions(edit, save, canel) and there buttons in a customer portal? disabled? invisible?

For the Note & attchment Related Link, it possiblt to remove Attach File button?

Or have any idea or suggestion not let the user to attach the file?



Best Regrds:


Is there any way to use the API to update the endpoint URL of an outbound message?
I'd like to implement a script that would update my sandbox instance to point our workflow to our development environment.
Not sure this is possible...

  • August 14, 2008
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is it possible to use the Salesforce.com API to determine which fields are visible to a specified Profile and which of these are read-only?

I thought this information might be accessible from the Profile object, but as far as I can tell it isn't.

Thanks in advance


  • January 29, 2008
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