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One of the most infuriating limitations of SFDC reporting is the lack of ability to create a report with fields and criteria from 2 objects that share a common parent (either via master-detail or lookup) but have no relation to each other. This has been on the ideaExchange for YEARS and I seem to remember Tom Tobin at DF10 (hope you are listening) claim they are working on this. But so far nothing. It is somewhat embarrassing when extolling the virtues of SFDC (of which there are many) and being rebuffed by the Business Users (yeah, those guys) saying what's the use of this whole system if we can't get the data we need out of it? So anyone have ideas on how to mine this data? Am I forced to create VF with custom controllers to display these reports? For example, we have the master record Student (really a Person Account). Hanging off Student we have Dates, which list dates the Student is actively matriculated, on leave, or left the institution, another object for the various Programs the student has gone through, another object for tracking tuition charges and scholarships. So if I want to know which students were active in July, were members of Program A, and haven't received Scholarship X, I have no way to do that using conventional reporting, even with Custom report types. The above example also highlights another missing feature, exception reporting which I don't think you can do even in SOQL. So if anybody, especially SFDC developers, has any advice on how to best create these types of reports, I would greatly appreciate it. And we I mentioned they could create reports on each child object, export to excel and merge the data, they were quite nonplussed.

I have a Student (Contact) record that is a master in a m-d relationship with a yearly tuition object, which in turn is a master in a m-d relationship to a monthly tuition record. In the monthly tuition record I have a formula field that pulls in the tuition from a lookup object based on the program the student is in, then I have the student contribution and another formula field that calculates the amount in deferred tuition.


What I want is on the yearly tuition record, to contain total fields for tuition owed, deferrments, student contributions from all of the monthly detail records. Then on the student record grand totals of all the yearly records.


Roll-up summaries will not work since 1) some of the fields are cross-obj formula fields 2) can't do roll-up summaries of roll-up summaries. So what are my options? Workflow? Triggers?


Any suggestions how to do that in such a way as to create accurate sums without getting too complicated?

I have 2 picklists, the second dependent on the first, which work. Then an outputpanel based on the 2nd picklist. When I call the actionSupport tag to rerender the outputpanel based on the value of the 2nd picklist, I keep getting a null value for the picklist, thus ultimately causing a crash.




<apex:page controller="TranscriptController" tabStyle="Account" title="Select a Transcript for {!student.name}">
      <apex:sectionHeader title="Select a Transcript Page for {!student.name}"/>
      <p>&lt; <a href="/{!student.id}">Back to {!student.name}'s Record Page</a><br/></p>
  <apex:pageBlock mode="detail">
      <apex:pageBlockButtons ><apex:form ><apex:commandButton action="{!studentRecordPage}" value="Return to Student Record"/></apex:form></apex:pageBlockButtons>
      <apex:pageBlockSection columns="1" >
      	<apex:form id="transcriptForm">
      	  <p>Program:&nbsp;<apex:selectList id="programList" size="1" value="{!selectedProgram}">
      	  	  <apex:selectOptions value="{!programList}" />
	       	  <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" rerender="degreeList"/>
      	  <p>Degree:&nbsp;<apex:selectList id="degreeList" size="1" value="{!selectedDegree}"> <apex:selectOptions value="{!degreeList}" /> <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" rerender="pageList" /> </apex:selectList></p>
      	  <apex:outputPanel id="pageList" rendered="{!NOT(ISNULL(selectedDegree))}"> <apex:repeat value="{!pageList}" var="page"> <p><a href="{!page.value}" target="_blank">{!page.label}</a></p> </apex:repeat> </apex:outputPanel>

 When a value is selected from degreeList, I want pageList to be updated with a series of links for the selected degree.


Controller (snippets):

public with sharing class TranscriptController {

    public List<SelectOption> pageList;
    public List<SelectOption> programList;
    public List<SelectOption> degreeList;
    public String selectedProgram {get;set;}
    public Id selectedDegree {get;set;}

    Degree__c getDegree() {
    	if(degree == null) {
			String did = util.getUrlParam('degree');
			System.debug('VAR did == '+did);
			if(did == null || did.equals('null')) {
			System.debug('VAR did == NULL!!!');
				did = selectedDegree;
			System.debug('VAR selectedDegree == '+selectedDegree);
			System.debug('VAR did = '+did);
			did = String.escapeSingleQuotes(did);
			degree = [select id, name, credits_needed__c, course_codes__c from Degree__c where id = :did limit 1];
    	return degree;

    public List<SelectOption> getPageList() {
			System.debug('getPagelist: VAR selectedDegree == '+selectedDegree);
        List<SelectOption> options = new List<SelectOption>();
        Integer numTerms = getCourseMap(getDegree()).keyset().size();
        Integer termsPerPage = TPC * 2;
        Integer i = 0;
        for(;numTerms>0;numTerms-=termsPerPage) {
            System.debug('NUMBER OF TERMS: '+numTerms);
            options.add(new SelectOption('/apex/transcript?studentid='+
                'Transcript Page #'+(++i)));
        return options;

    public List<SelectOption> getDegreeList() {
 			System.debug('getDegreelist VAR selectedProgram == '+selectedProgram);
        List<SelectOption> options = new List<SelectOption>();
			options.add(new SelectOption('','-Please Select-'));    	
        if(selectedProgram == null)
        	selectedProgram = PROGRAM_A;
        List<Degree__c> degrees = [select id, name from Degree__c where Program__c=:selectedProgram];
        for(Degree__c d : degrees)
			options.add(new SelectOption(d.id,d.name));    	
		return options;    	

 When the getter for pageList is called, it calles a method called getDegree which first tried to get it from a URL param and if it doesn't exist there, it should get it from the property SelectedDegree which is bound to the Degree Picklist.


However selectedDegree is alway null, thus causing the String.escapeSingleQuotes method to throw an Invalid Argument Exception.


How can I get the value of the picklist passed back to the controller in order to rerender pageList?



Hello everyone,


I am brand new to the Salesforce platform and am trying to use a SOQL call to get primary contact information such as first name, last name, address, email, phone, etc...


I have searched through the message boards and found this answer:




with this solution query:


Select a.Contact.FirstName, a.Contact.LastName, a.ContactId From AccountContactRole a WHERE a.IsPrimary =true and a.AccountId = 'priamry account id'


However, when I try this I get this result:





Does anyone know what could be causing this? Do I need to have anything set up on my account before I will be able to fetch my own contact info??


Thanks in advance,


I am a java programmer , this is question is for other programmers who  learned salesforce, 

I have to make atleast 5 cliks on a web page to create a  simple object do programmers like this ?

is it easy for programmers to learn sales force?


I never like clicking so many times even for a simple object, cant we just write some  file with super   declaration whihc inherits all the default behaviouer than  clicking 20 times? 

I need suggestions on how programmers are using sales force ,  


I open the sales force web ui,app settings,  click  objets it shows so many other objects of sales force , whihc I donot use , why cant I see just files of my project   than mixed up with all other sales force stuff whihc I dont want to use?, is there any way I can create a project   like a maven project ?


I am a java programmer I am trying out the tutorials on forceIDE  


can I do my complete development in eclipse without using the   http://na7.salesforce.com/--  App setup   ?

the tutorial I found is  http://www.developerforce.com/tdf/2008/april/Tutorial2_ForcecomWorkbook_v1_2_051608.pdf

this turorial shows about creating a custom object in eclipse and making changes it takes to web browser,


can I change all the properties of an object using eclipse UI than going to web  browser?
















Ok, so I am trying to do the following but I am very limited on HTML coding.


I have two SFDC instances (1 & 2) - On the web to lead form there are multiple product intrest to select from(A,B,C).


If product "A" is selected, I want it to go to instance "1", if product "B or C" is selected, go to instance "2". Lets say I just used a standard pick list so only one option could be selected.


Is the above even possible?


Now what if I used multiple pick list and a customer chose A & B, could I have it create a lead in both instances?


Or should I just do SFDC to SFDC?


Thanks for you Help!!!





I need to take a date field and update another date field to be the original date + 1 year.  And also take the day from the original date and make it the last day of the month.


Can I do this by workflow? Or do I need to write some APEX for it?



Hi all,


I have a scenario where I need to display attachments from an external page on click of a button. I need to pass the object Id in the external URL to get the attachments for that Id. I created a custom button using standard configuration and the button is displayed in the detail page of the object. How can I display that button as a seperate section below the record or besides the notes and attachments section..? pls advise.


If this can achieved via custom coding, How do I do that ?

 2.1.2.Updating the value of the new field Chnnel in Account object       
    The value of the Channel field will be populated based on the Account Profile's field Chemist type. 
     If the Chemist type is blank then the Channel will be "Doctor" else it will be "Pharmacy"   

Hello All,


I would like to completely remove person accounts (the objects and record types) from salesforce


The Persona Account structure is not used and was enabled by an earlier Dev.

Having all the extra Fields shown when editing lists or reports is confusing my users


I have tried deleteing the person Account record types but it says either i don't have the permissions (I am the SysAdmin) or that i can't remove the last active record type.