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Hi Guys


I am stuck with what may be a newbie question...


My organization uses two differents types of Account: "ship_to" and "bill_to" accounts. Each ship_to account is necessarly linked (with the hierarchy tree) to a bill_to account. So there is a parent-child relationship.


For each account (either bill_to or ship_to) there is a field with number values - let's call it "Number of cars".


==> Now I would like to summarize the number of cars for a same customer, which means I need to sum the field "Number of cars" for the parent.account and ALL the child accounds. The sum would be displayed in the parent.account page layout.


How could I do?





Hello ,


I am trying to use a url in list button on the basis of some condition .But its showing error 'URL can not be found'.

I thnk need to decode the URL , but dont knw how to do it .Please help


this is what I am doing


{!IF(C_Job__c.mid__c = "ap","/00U/e?what_id=a0PU00000004oBV&retURL=%2Fa0PU00000004oBV" , "https://www.google.com")}



Can anyone please tell me how to create a workflow rule, When a user creates a Referral Prospect (Account Record Type)and changes the Account Owner


Each time an Account is changed ownership and email needs to be sent to the referral prospect providing details of whom the agent is that will be dealing with them and the agents contact details.


I need it urgent please.





  • December 19, 2011
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I'd like to limit the amount of case record types that can be created per account.


for example if I have a record type called "MASTER"...I only want 1 MASTER record type per account.  I would like to prevent users to create another MASTER case. 


I've been trying to do this with validation rules but it's not working.  Can anyone assist with rule or help write something custom to prevent this?



I have a custom object SCHEME for which i have Record types standard and Additional and i have a picklist field TYPE(in both the record types) values in picklist field "TYPE":- 1> mechanics 2> reborer 3> mechanics + reborer


ON the scemes we have SCHEME LINE ITEMS related list. 


Which has record types: 1> mechanics 2> reborer 3> mechanics + reborer


So if i select the mechanics in the TYPE(picklist value in SCHEME) than the SCHEME LINE ITEMS record type for the reborer and mechanics + reborer should not be selected i.e only record type of scheme line item should be selected for which we have a picklist value in scheme.

My executives would like to have a dashboard that shows pipeline trends by month - new opportunities added to the pipeline + existing opportunities = total opportunities - closed won opportunities - closed lost opportunities = ending pipeline.


My idea was to create a custom field that would return the a date equal to the first day of the month when the opportunity was created.  Done, easy.


Then I wanted to write case where As Of Date = Opp Created first date of month, "new", "existing".  Then I could use the closed/won status to do the rest of the calculations.


Except the As Of Date isn't a field I can see to reference.  Am I starting in the wrong place? Is there a better way to accomplish this report? Is the only way to do this is with an Analytics Snapshot?


I'm looking for a formula that's adds business days only, I.e Friday + 3 business days = Tuesday

Any help appreciated.

How to get the count of records which are assigned to another user.


I created a lookup called assign to in the leads and assigned a lead to another user. How to get the count of no.of records assigned to another user.

Does anyone have or know how to create a validation formula that states if the Case Record Type is "x" then the Case Owner must be "x". I have a workflow assignment that chooses the queue owner automatically however the field isn't locked once the change impliments and we don't want the owner field to change.


Ex) Case Owner = Engineering

       Case Record Type = Engineering


We are trying to avoid Engineering from changing the owner to a queue or an individual. If these two fields are as is, then it must always be true.


Thanks for your help!!!


I have a custom object that uses workflow and an approval process.  When the record is first created I set a field called Status to "Initiating".  I would like to send a reminder to the owner of the record every morning as long as the status stays in "Initiatiing".  If the status is any other value, then the notifications should stop.


I tried creating a time-related workflow that says after the record is created or edited, and if the status is still "Initiating" send out an email.  That works only once.  But does not work for day 2 (for example).  I then tried changing the status in workflow using a field update, but that doesn't work either.


Any ideas?

  • October 11, 2011
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I am building workflow rules to email out support surveys upon case closure. The issue I have is that I want to exempt contacts from survey emails for 45 days after one has been sent.


This is what I have so far and what I am missing:


1. Case Closed

2. Workflow rule Check Contact field ContactSSD

  3. if ContactSSD less than 45 days from Today

               a. Do nothing

  4. if ContactSSD  45 greater than 45 Day or Null

               a. Send Survey email to Contact.

               b. Update Case field CaseSSD with Today's Date

               c. Update Contact field ContactSSD with Today's Date.


I have everything built with workflow rules except for 4c. I know I need an Apex Trigger to complete
this action. I believe that I could use the Field Update on 4b to trigger the apex trigger. I am I going about this the right way?





  • October 10, 2011
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I currently have the need to associate multiple objects and their available fields to a single report type.  The problem is that as I associate the subsequent objects in the string, I require that the tertiary object in the series needs to be linked to available fields in the Primary object and not the secondary object. 




Primary Object = Opportunities

               Secondary Object = Product Support Services Detail

                                   Tertiary Object = Activities


Product Support Services is an "object within an object" so to speak, in that it is located as an area within the Oppportunity.  In this model (the only report hierarchy available within the create custom report types) the system is looking for an association of an activity with the Product Support Services Detail, when in fact there does not exist such a relationship but rather is linked to the Opportunity detail instead.  Rather than create a new "object" with the combination of the Opportunity and the Product Support Services Detail, what options exist to allow me to link the activity to both primary and secondary objects?        

Hi All,


Does anyone know if it's possible to add additional search fields that are queried by a lookup referencing a custom object? On standard objects I can see the lookup search fields are very much bespoke to the object (e.g. Contract Name and Contract Number are queried for the Contract object). Is it possible to customise a custom object in this way or will it only ever search the 'Name' field?


I have created a custom object with a Name and Description field, when a user clicks the lookup to this object from an Opportunity they will want to search on the ID or on certain words within the description.


I have tried enabling Enhanced Lookups but that doesn't seem to affect the Lookup search field itself.


Any Ideas?





I have a very long formula:


IF (AND (ISBLANK(Phone__c ), ISBLANK (Address__c) , ISBLANK (Hours__c ) , ISBLANK (ID__c)) , null , 
IF (AND (ISBLANK (Phone__c) , OR (NOT(ISBLANK(Address__c)) , NOT (ISBLANK ( Hours__c )), NOT ( ISBLANK ( ID__c )) ) ) , '"' & " " & '"' , '"' & Phone__c & '"' ))

 Above code repeats 10 times in the formula field.


It is testing conditions to display 3 variables: a null value, empty quotation marks " " , and the phone number in quotation marks "Phone".


Running the formula on all fields (meaning 10 times) results in a compiled formula of more than 5,000 characters. Can you think of a way to shorten it?



Hello, Hoping someone out there can help out. I have been asked to create automatically generated commissions reports twice a month, Three days before prior to the 1st and three days prior to the 15th of each month. These reports should go out the rep whether they have earned commissions or not. IF they have earned them it is based on the formulas I have already created in the commission report, If they do not earn them I am not sure how to generate a blank commission report showing only 0 in the commission earned column?


The reports should detail for our reps how much they can expect in commissions. I have already figured out the formula to create a company wide commmission report when someone has earned commissions but need help on three issues.


1) how do I get salesforce to automatically send out the report three days prior to the 1st and the 15th to each rep


2) How to I instruct salesforce to send out a report even if the reps do not make any commissions.


3) How do I get the graphics I created in excell to automatically be part of the salesforce generated report that will go out?


I would greatly appreciate any help. My email is elizabethn@totalbodycontouring.com and my phone is 404-435-7267.


Elizabeth Newman

  • October 07, 2011
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I wonder how I could get a sum of all the meetings that I realized in a particular opportunity.

Thanks to all who respond.

Why I can't access my activity reports where I used to track e-mails I sent???

  • October 07, 2011
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Hi All,


If we create new user/Reset password from Manage Users section(Administration setup->Manage Users), The sales force sending out Email template to User with Password Confirmation.

Can we  customize verbiage of Email Template [ From address and add some additional content to this..]






  • October 07, 2011
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Hi, I'm trying to create an escalation button in which a Level 2 analyst will use it to escalate his case to a level 3 analyst.


After doing so some fields should be updated, name, role and the date the escalation was done.


try{ var update_Case = new sforce.SObject('Case'); update_Case.Id = '{!Case.Id}'; update_Case.Disable_Change_Owner_Validation__c = new Date(); update_Case.Escalated_By_Name__c = '{!$User.FirstName} {!$User.LastName}'; update_Case.Esclated_By_Role__c ='{!$UserRole.Name}';update_Case.Escalated_on__c ={!DATEVALUE(NOW())};update_Case.OwnerId = "00G00000006pPTc" ;var updateRecords = []; updateRecords.push(update_Case); var resultUpdate = sforce.connection.update(updateRecords); if (resultUpdate[0].getBoolean("success")) { parent.location.href = "/" + '{!Case.Id}'; }else{ alert(resultUpdate[0].errors.message); } }catch(err){ alert(err.description); }


As you can see, I created a javascript button but I'm having problems with the date field. The field is called Case.Escalated_on__c  and is a date one. How whould I insert the date of the moment the button was clicked? I tried Now, Today. Nothing worked. I get a weird number 0.11545444666


Can someone help?







  • September 27, 2011
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