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I installed unmanaged package but in the site page the images and input fields are not working fine. And buttons also.


Please any one help me.(in the original account site page these are working fine).


I gave same permissions which i gave in earlier account.




Dskvap Consultancy services


Hello guys!


Could you help me please. On my developer account I created a Site and added to it a page. I could go to it without logging in. But, I think after new 20 version, I cannot to go it. I am receiving an error: 



Authorization Required 

You must first log in or register before accessing this page. 
If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password to reset it. 



I tryed all info in Site Documentation but it did not help me.

May be you know what is the problem?


Thank you very much for any help!


    I ve work of migrating the data from saleslogix case database to salesfoce case , can any one help me how to proceed with dis... mainly i'm facing problem wit ID matching. is there any way that we can easily approach this ID matchin........there are around 70000 case records ( 70000 related account + 130000 contacts )






I have a very odd problem with some dml code. I have a form on a Sites site which creates Leads. The submit action of the form is just halting when I come to insert the new Lead; no exception is thrown and no further processing takes place. A code snippet:


try {

Lead l = new Lead(LastName = 'foo', Company = 'bar', Status = 'Open - Not Contacted'); 


System.debug('Lead saved'); 

} catch (Exception e) {

System.debug('Exception caught');




Neither 'Lead saved' nor 'Exception caught' appears in the debug log, the log just ends:



20090822071712.927:Class.SitesLoopBlog.WebFormController.saveObject: line 96, column 14: Insert: SOBJECT:LeadCumulative profiling information:


And I get the dreaded Authorization Required page. Any ideas?