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When I check the page rendered as html i get the following error:


Warning: Element type "input" should be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>" in c__applicationevaluationanswerblock at line 22.


I don't have a component called c__applicationevaluationanswerblock. This looks like an internal error.


If I complie the page again  as html it works fine.


Does anyone else has seen this error?





We are considering moving to person accounts. In some scenarios, we have both husband and wife has customers. Some of the products are purchased by customers individually, and some together. How can such a scenario be implemented using person accounts?


I wanted to filter the Salesforce report on basis of date ( suppose created date), so that the manual filtering through 'Time Frame' legend be avoided. I thought of using 'bucket filter' to accomplish the task but found that bucket filters cannot be applied for time,time/date formats.

So the question is that, is their any other way to accomplish the grouping of records in Salesforce Reports on basis of date without using the Salesforce 'Time Frame' legend ?

Any pointers on the same would be of great help. Thanks in advance.


Just trying to be 100% sure in this case...I'm firing a workflow so when a checkbox is checked, a date field is updated and an email is send.
Regarding the order of the actions, I assume the field update will occur first, and then the email will be sent (I did some tests) - but is it correct in 100%?? If not, is there a way to do so? (I'm trying to avoid user receiving an email with Date before updating...)




I have created custom button on the event object and has also put that on the Page layout.However,when I click on the contact object and select record and then hit on create new button on the open activities related list I do not see custom button on the event page page.I only see default button's. What is that I am missing?

I have admin access so security will not be a problem.Can somebody please help or let me know the steps to create custom button ffor an event object.


  • May 09, 2012
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Hi Friends,


1) What salesforce API's would be required to integrate salesforce with Biz Talk server.
Can somebody please list the salesforce API's and also give me the link to go through API'S.


I would really appreciate if somebody explicitly list salesforce api's which I will have to use to integrate biz talk with salsforce.






  • May 04, 2012
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I'm using the Office Toolkit interface to submit a SOQL query like this:


strQuery = string.Format(

    "SELECT Id, Owner.Extension, LastActivityDate, CreatedDate FROM Contact WHERE "+

    "Phone LIKE \'{0}\' OR OtherPhone LIKE \'{0}\' OR MobilePhone LIKE \'{0}\'", strNumber);


QueryResultSet4 result = SFSession.Query(strQuery, false);


It works fine, finds the expected record and I can access the Id, LastActivityDate adn the CreatedDate field values by enumerating the fields collection of the QueryResultSet4.  What I can't figure out is how to extract the presumably returned Owner.Extension field.  I think that part of the query is working as if I change it then the query fails.  I just can't figure out how I'm supposed to get at the data for the field...???



Hello !


I have created application same as given link




but i have made soime chages to class as follows:


global class GetLeadInfo {

  WebService static Lead GetLeadAddressByEmail(string LeadEmail) {
      Lead l= new Lead();
    List<Lead> c= new List<Lead>();
    c = [SELECT Street, City, State, PostalCode from Lead WHERE Email = :LeadEmail];
    if (c.size() > 0)
        l = new Lead(Street = c[0].Street, City = c[0].City, State = c[0].State, PostalCode = c[0].PostalCode);
    return l; 


but i am not able to see response of city,state and etc. Though i am not getting any error but i am not getting any data too !


help me asap!


Thanks !