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would like to delete an email alert created by a time trigger on opportunity object. we can do it from the interface from Monitor -> time based workflow tab. how to do it using triggers? what is the api name for timebased workflow tab under monitor header?

Hi I am trying to mimic how case milestones work with a custom object what i am trying to achieve is calculating the elapsed and remaining times.

When a new record is inserted it will calculate which business hour this record should be in. Now what i need to do is calculated the time in this business timezone.


For example record a is inserted and has new york time zone business hours i want to calculate the start time, end time in that timezone now what i also what is a real time count down of elapsed hours and remaining hours etc in that time zone. I also need to pause the time based on a status field.


So my question is this possible in a formula field? Any suggestions how to achieve this and salesfoce calculates when the time was paused?


trigger AddressFieldUpdateOnContacts on Account (after update) {

    set<ID> accountIDs = new set<ID>();
    for(account a : Trigger.new){
    List<Contact> contactList = [select ID, name, accountID from contact where accountID = :accountIDs];
    Account a = Trigger.new[0];
    for (contact c : contactList){
        c.MailingCity = a.BillingCity;
        update contactList;

  • November 01, 2013
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Hi Everyone,


I would like to create a report with both the Contact address information and the address information of the contact in the Reports To field on the contact record. I have looked all over and was unable to find a way to do this. Is it at all possbile to do?






I have a requirement where I am trying to update the status of the field (picklist) and also populate a text field with the queue or owner the request is currently in my approval steps. I was thinking of having a trigger but it looks like a trigger cannot be created on the Approvals object. Is there a way to implement my functionality? Any ideas or sample code will greatly help  me out.





Hi i need to create a report. I have a  Application custom object and i have a Multi Picklist Custom Field called Status. One of value in Status is Assigned for review. I need to create a report that how many applications hits the assigned for review Status by Day. Can you please help me out with all steps. I need it done ASAP

  • November 01, 2013
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I have a custom button which does some functionality when clicked.I want that click to happen automatically when the status is changed to closed.


My thoughts:


1.Thought of some trigger which will fire when status is changed to closed.But not sure how invoke that button which is on detail page.


2.Overriding save button.But status is closed then call my apex class(that is what button does now and generates a PDF)

Not sure how to implement them.Any suggestions or new ideas??



We just started using Case management for our Support group.   One of the issues they've raised is related to closing a case.  They don't want have to seperately click 'Send an Email' to send the customer a case closing message then click 'Close Case' to close the case.  They would like a button on the Email page layout called 'Send and Close Case' that would send the email then open the standard 'Close Case' page.  Can anyone suggest how I would go about doing that?


Thanks & Regards,


Hi All,

    I've read through the documentation, logged a case with SFDC, and still am having trouble finding an answer to my question.  I'm implementing Delegated Authentication and SSO in a sandbox organization and was wondering how to lock out users with these features enabled from test.salesforce.com?  In other words, if a Single Sign on User tries to log in with test.salesforce.com, it should error out and not let the user log in.  How do I do this while still keeping Delegated Authentication enabled?  Thanks in advance for the help.



I have two sales processes (for opportunity stage) and two record types.


Sales process1                   Recrd type1   (A,B,C piclist value earlier) 

Sales process2                   Recrd type2   (D,E added ---> now satge picklist is A,B,C,D,E)


I have the sales process1 ealier setup and created Sales process2 recently.


Now when I create new opportunities, I have no issue. But when I go to edit previous opportunties for Sales process1, it shows all the picklist values.


I don't want to show D,E picklist values in previous opportunities edit page but only A,B,C.


 How this can be achieved and Can someone please help ? 




  • November 01, 2013
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