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I had a application, which run well before.  After activating Ligthning component, my pageblocksections are no more working.

Any body has simislar issues before ?
  • March 27, 2015
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When the Send Customer Notification on case comment is checked it is supposed to send and email to the case contact. This works fine.

By since this is in fact an email sent from case, it should display as  a record in the case's email related list?

It doesn't seems to be the case, Can anyone help.

We want to create a Apex Webservice that receives a set of training records for customers from an external system. Our security group want to ensure that only an authorized external system can access the webservice. The external system will use .NET or Java call the webservice.  What is the best security method to ensure to that only external systems that are authorized can send data to the Salesforce webservice? 
I have a field on a parent object it need to be the roll up of child field. Just like a roll up sum but this time to add text fields separated by a comma or space
I had a application, which run well before.  After activating Ligthning component, my pageblocksections are no more working.

Any body has simislar issues before ?
  • March 27, 2015
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I am POSTing a new user request and when I choose the 'Salesforce' profileId, I get 'license limit exceeded'.  However I can create that same user with the 'Chatter Free' profile ID.  I have reviewed my company info and see that I still have 18 licenses available under Salesforce.  On the edit page for that profile, I have enabled the access for my connected app, and it is api-enabled.  So what else is needed?
1. we having the solution, one is to remove the delete permission for object to every profile where we dont want to provide.
2. and we can create VF page to display the wanted view.

now,some out of box what i thought is to give OWD permission and put sharing rule which we will apply for all profile except admin.

Could you please give suggestion on this? how do i set it up?
or you have any better solution on this?
Hello Experts,

Can you please help me placing the below formula on VF Controller Page.

The following is the formula for calculating NPV: 
User-added image
Ct = net cash inflow during the period
Co= initial investment
r = discount rate, and
t = number of time periods 

Thank you so much .
We decided to use custom fields to make the Account layout do what I needed it to do for our Lenders that we work with. These companies about 20 right now are companies that we need to be able to place multitudes of different data in separate fields for. I have about 90 custom fields on the Account object now to accommodate this and do need more with no end in site to when a new piece of information will be discovered to document for xx number of lenders that we have at that point. 

I would like to create a custom object only for Lenders since it's not the intended purpose of Accounts. Before I go making all these fields again and duplicating hours of work I would like to know if there is a way to Copy the way I have accounts set up now to the new Lender Object as well as move the data associated with those into the new object. 

(2) Also would like to find out if there is a way to make one custom field but have it replecated 4 times on the same Opportunity Page. We have currently 4 fields in Opportunity labeled Lender 1 lender 2 lender 3 and lender 4. These are currently doing KIND OF what I want them to do as they are lookup fields and create a custom relationship back to the Account (which should be a lender object) showing each opportunity that was sent to each lender. It's manageable now but creates 4 custom relationships to look at which is annoying. Not all of the 1-4 would in any instance of an Opp be the same and as well as cross Opps it wouldn't be put into the same 1-4 sequence as a previous Opp. Not that it can't be it's just not normally and we have 20 lenders right now so the 4 that are chosen for a certain Opp just may not be the same at all. 

Any help is appreciated - Also there is a list of things I would like done within Salesforce that I am capable of doing with the time allowed to research and at this point I think we may just look into getting a programer so if anyone is willing to talk pricing for services I can most certainly entertain those options as well. 
Hi Experts,
In our SFDC Org, we are having Community users.
We are created community users for our consultants.
Consultant logged in as a community user, He is able to see project name in his timesheet records.
Able to see project name i.e. fine. After click on project name, user redirects to project record page.
Still user having read-only permission on project object. But we don’t want to see even project redirect page for User.
Is it possible? If possible please let me know.
Please find below images for reference.

Community User - Project

Project Record

Please anyone resolve this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Can any one help us to stop the trigger twice..

Below code not working,we were calling future callouts from trigger only updation made SF end only not API.

can any one guide me how to stop trigger when updation made fromAPI end.

//+++++++++++++My trigger+++++++++++++++++++

trigger LeadstopApICalls on Lead (after update) {

    List<Id>leadids=new List<Id>();

    if(Trigger.isAfter && Trigger.isUpdate )
      if (stoprecursive.stopapifire==false)
       Boolean b=false;
       String methodtype='Update';
        for(Lead ld :Trigger.new)
           //call  API class  

          List<Lead>updatefield=[select APIUpdate__c from Lead where Id In :leadids]; 
          for(Lead lh:updatefield){
          //stop the trigger fire again by using static class

          update updatefield;

//Static class 
Public class stoprecursive

  public static boolean stopapifire=false;



We have an existing class that uses the Test.isRunningTest() method.  Today we tried making changes to that class (completely unrelated to the isRunningTestMethod) and weren't able to save it because of a "method doesn't exist or incorrect signature" error on that method.  Did something change with the Winter 12 release where we can no longer use this in code?  If so, is there something replacing this functionality?  If we should still be able to use it, any thoughts on why we are receiving this error now?

Save error: Method does not exist or incorrect signature: Test.isRunningTest()

  • October 27, 2011
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