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We have an datastore that pulls delta changes from Salesforce tables throughout the day.  I need some guidance on how best to pull values from rollup summary fields - the pull looks to LastModifiedDate to get any changes to fields in an object, but since the rollup summary fields are calculated, they aren't tripping LastModifiedDate.  Any suggestions for how best to include these values in a delta pull?
Hi All, 
Somebody deleted a VF Page in Our Org that affectes critical business process. Therefore, we need to: 
1. Recover VF Page ASAP (please let me know what we need for this)
2. Identify who and when deleted this VF Page. 

Please let me know should you have any questions! 
Thank you! 
I am using a Visualforce email Template. I am unable to fetch merge fields. Below is the code:

<messaging:emailTemplate subject="Volunteer still needed for a shift" recipientType="User" relatedToType="GW_Volunteers__Volunteer_Shift__c">
<messaging:plainTextEmailBody >

Volunteer is still needed for a future shift. Please click below to see the shift.


When I try to save it, it gives error like
Error:Unknown property 'String.Id'

I have a flow that generates an order from opportunity data. I would like for this flow to only kickoff if the opportunity data is deemed to contain all necessary components. These components exist on several objects: Account, Opportunity and Opportunity Product. I only want to execute the validation process at the point of user clicking on the Generate Order button as this confirms that they believe the opportunity has "complete" data to allow the order generation to continue. I don't want the validation process to run anytime an opportunity is edited as the user doesn't have all necessary information at one time to generate an order. What method can I use to apply a validation routine across multiple objects and fields before kicking off a flow?

Hello All,

Can you guys help me solve a problem or suggest any ideas?


-John Doe (contact)
-5 different users can access the contact
-Database has 5 different multi picklist field in Contact for each user so they can assign them based on group.
-Example: Adams Group, Janes Group, Mikes Group, Tonys Group, Master Group...  in contact layout
-Each group has different multipicklist information

Question 1;How can I combine all the groups into 1 field?
Fact: there's about 25 groups.  it will be hard to do it in formula


I'm having trouble checking the challenge, I've checked other discussions and I've done exactly what others have done to pass but everytime I click check challange it gives me this error message:

Looks like something went wrong, please try again later.

I've logged out of both Developer Edition and Trailhead acc, used another new Developer Edition to redo the challenge and it gives me the same message.
Hello have a question and wondering what can I do to correct it? Okay I have a HMIS system that is sending data to Salesforce like everyday but some of the data is not being added to salesforce because of (invalid email address) is there something I can do on salesforce side to stop letting salesforce kick back the information and still let the information come in with a invalid email address?