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We're looking to build out own Salesforce CTI adapter that connects our Digium Switchvox PBX to Salesforce. Switchvox is asterisk based, but has its own API. - http://developers.digium.com/switchvox/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

We are looking to do a complete integration for inbound and outbound calls.

Record all calls in Activity history or new custom object for Phone calls (to track calls not associated with salesforce records), with a link to the call recording stored on FTP. - Most people parse the xml files with recordings.

Need Full integration between Switchvox and salesforce
- Switchvox can trigger a post to salesforce on all calls, or at any other event, such as on call answer, on incoming call, on outgoing call, etc...

- In salesforce, need to track call statistics in relation to campaigns - each campaign uses a unique 800#, which is a field in campaigns as external ref ID
- Show activity history and reporting on calls by campaign, tracked separately via separate 800#’s - 800#’s for campaign can be stored in lead records and campaign records

Even if call isn’t answered, call should be logged as incomplete or missed, then trigger workflow rules to ensure these calls are followed up.

For all calls, log a link in call log record to call recording (download link from FTP server)

When calls are not answered by the sales team, they are forwarded to our answering service. the answering service then sends an email with call details. We need to have these emails accepted by salesforce, match up with the call record, then assigned and followed up via workflow & Assignment rules.

Let me know, thank you...

  • October 24, 2012
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hi all,

anyone know a good CTI to integrates switchvox into salesforce?


currently we have limited access to salesforce via the switchboard provided by switchvox.

but our original idea is to have the phone system inside the salesforce along with the salesforce softphone.

please let me know if you know a good CTI to do this.


all i can find so far is the camrivox.com, it can be used to integrates Asterisk PBX into salesforce.


thank you in advance.