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I am preparing for dev 401 which will be based on Winter15,but everytime I try to download the relavant pdf choosing winter 15 release from the link : "https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.salesforce_app_limits_cheatsheet.meta/salesforce_app_limits_cheatsheet/" , 
It ultimates downloads the cheatsheet for Spring15 release. Please Help!

Thanks in advance :)

Good afternoon -

I'm working through the Lightning Components Developer Guide from DreamForce, and am getting an Internal Server Error when trying to Submit a new Expense. I've been through the code line-by-line, and have yet to find anything. Neither the Chrome or Firefox JS consoles show an error, and the System.debug() method around the "upsert expense; return expense;" code in the controller doesn't log anything. The error message says

An internal server error has occurred Error ID: 670155758-10800 (-1177185898)


anyone know how to find out what edition of salesforce an org has i.e. unlimited, enterprise, professional etc..

I'm overriding "delete" on std object Asset, pointing it to a vf page whose controller should either delete the asset or (if it has related custom objects) redirect to a vf page which warns the user that these relationships will be broken, dispays the related list, and offers a "delete anyway" button.


Following delete of the asset, I want to emulate standard salesforce behavior, that is, display the Products tab home page.


How can I determine the url of the Products page within my apex controller?





I am new to salesforce and am trying to look into the different methods of integration that Salesforce has with other third party apps.

I did some reading and these are what I got to know.

- You can generate WSDL files from salesforce and use these files to generate Web Services client on the third party app environment( java /.net/other). The third party apps can pull from and push data to salaesforce using web service calls.

- Salesforce can send Outbound messages to third party apps based on some action and the third party app can have a Outbound message notification listener configured at its end to interpret these messages.


I have a few questions

- Can salesforce pull information from a third party app? For e.g. A third party app has a webservice exposed. Can we generate a a WS client at the saleforce app end to hit this webservice?


- Suppose the saleforce app needs some data from a third party app at an on demand basis. Say, Someone clicks on a button in Salesforce App and we need to display some info from the third party app? How can we implement this type of integration?