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Hi All,

How to get the approval process id related to a particular opportunity.

I am trying to Schedule an class at the interval of 5 minutes but am not getting any idea how to perform it, i have seen some examples but they are not working properly please help if any body can.

I have account called"CSB" .I want to export the notes and attachments under Account through Dataloader.Iam not able to do.Can anybody help me with query how to do this?

Hi All,

How to get the approval process id related to a particular opportunity.


We use MicroSoft Word documents for our Sales Agreement Templates, which are held in our Conga Repository.

We have a field in our Salesforce Opportunities, "Discount," that we want to be only visible on the completed and merged Templates if there is a value in the field. In other words, if the client is not receiving a discount, we don't want the discount field on the Sales Agreement.

I'm having a difficult time understanding how "IF" statements and Merge fields that can work in our implementation. I've attached a screenshot of the Discount Field(s) in question from our Sales Agreement template.

Does anyone know the appropriate construction of a conditional "IF" merge field with regard to what we have?

Highlighted in blue below with the field codes toggled is the Discount field as it appears now:

User-added image
I appreciate any guidance on this!

Best wishes,
Hi All,

When i refresh my Sandbox the users data would be lost and new users would be loaded from Production so i took a backup of sandbox users and i uploaded them to sandbox again after refresh activity. But this is a manual and time taking activity to add Users and related Permission Sets, Public Groups, Queues, etc. So please suggest best approach to automate this process using Code or any other alternative approach. 

Thanks in Advance..