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I am practicing on trailhead via using my developer org. The chalenging asked me to Create a Guest Administrator and deactivate it. I am currenly the System Administrator of my developer org. We have only one license for System Administrator. How should we solve this issue in order to:
Create a new user using the System Administrator profile and then deactivate that user to preserve the licenses in your org.The new user must use the System Administrator Profile.
The username for the new user must include 'guestadmin' somewhere in it.
The new user must be inactive.
I need some hints or advices. Thanks.
Getting an error message stating, "Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
You do not have the correct account fields in the 'Update Account Information' publisher action"

However, the challenge specifically states that the new action be titled "New Detailed Account".
Thinking it may be a typo I renamed my action, still failed but stated that the "New Detailed Account" action didn't exist.
Next I changed the name back to the correct name referenced in the challenge and created a new one with the name mentioned in the error, but there's no way to tell what the actual fields within that action should be so it still fails.  Has anyone else experienced this?