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I'm trying to get through the service cloud superbadge, and challenge 3 is giving me this issue

"We can't find Entitlements on the Case Lightning Page. Ensure Entitlements are visible on Cases in Lightning."

I've got entitlements on the case record page, via the parent account, and I've got entitlements history via the parent Entitlement Name.. 

What is it actually looking for? 

Can someone help me?

I keep getting this result: "The 'Sales Rep Win Rates' report chart does not appear to be using a vertical bar chart" although the report dóes show a vertical bar chart.
It's in:  "Create Reports and Dashboards for Sales and Marketing Managers; "Visualize Your Data"

I tried by doing the whole trail again in a fresh/new dev org, but keep getting the same result.

I'm trying to complete the "Set Up Single Sign-On for Your Internal Users" Trailhead challenge, and was able to execute the description of the challenge successfully. However, I'm getting the following error when checking the challenge on Trailhead:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Could not find SAML Enabled in your org's setup audit trail. Make sure that you have 'SAML Enabled' checked under 'Federated Single Sign-On Using SAML' in your org's 'Single Sign-On Settings'.

I've reviewed the settings, and "SAML Enabled" is true, and I'm connected to the right org when doing the challenge. Has anyone else encountered this?
We're changing from populating Case Owner's Manager Email to populating the Manager in a lookup.   I'm looking for assistance on what I need to change in this trigger.  I have created a new field called "Case_Owner_Manager__c"

        //Prepare a map b/w case's owner Id and their names
        if(caseOwnerIds.size() > 0) {
            for(User caseOwner : [Select Id, Name, ManagerId, Manager.Email From User Where Id IN :caseOwnerIds]) {
                if(caseOwner.ManagerId != null) {
                    mapOwnerIdAndName.put(caseOwner.Id, caseOwner.ManagerId);

        for(Case newCase : casesToPopulateManager) {
            if(mapOwnerIdAndName.containsKey(newCase.OwnerId)) {
                newCase.Case_Owner_Manager__c = mapOwnerIdAndName.get(newCase.OwnerId);